The Official Tom Bradey Website.

Welcome to The Official Tom Bradey Website.

Welcome to The Official Tom Bradey Website

Welcome to the New Homepage of the Official Tom Bradey Website, this page will be updated as and when things happen.

"A Message from Tom"

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to my new website. It's nearly ready for official opening, but at present a few things are still needed to be done, I'm updating pages that need updating, like the About Me Page, and the Blog, that I haven't posted in ages. 

I am also making this promise to you guys that are reading this,  - I will blog more and give you monthly updates via a newsletter or blog post, that than be viewed via social media, also update my "FAN" facebook page more often. So that you the readers and likers, know more about what I'm up to, whether that's the Radio Station or personal life. 

Also, I'm planning to start a newsletter just simply via this website, not include Show updates. That will be a separate news letter completely. I'm also going to open my second twitter account that will post updates for the radio show and website updates, it's going to be called "BRADEY Productions" that simply launched the TTS Travel and Radio sites that are know today, The Bradey Productions, and the TTS Brands, will be merged into each other.

I hope you like the new design website, when it official launches and will keep up to date with me via social media platforms.


Tom x

Tom Talks Soap...

See the radio show website, I currently present, Live on a Thursday at 5pm on Somer Valley FM. 

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