The Official Tom Bradey Website.

Welcome to The Official Tom Bradey Website.

Dear Visitor, 

Its with regret that this website has now closed, and has moved to a new site which has all the latest news and updates.

We thank you for the support over the last few years, as the website has proven very popular to many. However due to the changing ways of our website client, we felt that it was correct to create a new site and then slowly move over to the new site in due course, as and when we saw fit. 

Bradey Productions, has become Felix Group Productions that will take on the responsblity for the sites that Bradey Productions used to run. 

From everyone who worked on this site to keep it updated, we thank you for visiting and hope you continue to support us over at our new address. 

Kindest Regards

Tom & the whole team at Bradey Productions.